Our systems are primarily Macintosh based – especially important as it relates to typefaces (fonts).

Name Version(s) Notes
Adobe Photoshop All  
Adobe Illustrator All  
Quark Xpress All* *4.x Files Accepted if saved to 3.3x
Adobe Acrobat All  
Adobe InDesign All  
Microsoft Word All* *To deliver text for layout only

Name Version(s) Notes
MacPaint All  
CorelDraw All  
Powerpoint All  
Visio All  
Microsoft Word All  

NOTE: Files provided in these formats may need significant rework and will incur additional charges.

FTP Site Available –
Contact us for access info

All pertinent contact information
Printed copy of disk contents (if more than one file is present)
B&W Printouts
All necessary typefaces (fonts)
Color Proofs*
PMS Color Specifications*
*If Color Matching is required.


Resolution: Minimum of 72 DPI at full size, 150 DPI at full size is optimal
Bleed: 1/4" Minimum at full size
Output Size: To scale
Color Format: RGB preferred, though CMYK is accepted

Vinyl and/or Dimensional Letters/Logos

Vector Based, Outlined with PMS or Vinyl Colors Included.